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A study of the wellbeing of language teachers
in the context of the challenges posed by
plurilingualism and multicultural classrooms

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The project, funded by the Spanish Ministry (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad), is carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Granada in collaboration with a partner team from the University of Cambridge

Latest news and events

PETALL project awarded the European Languages Label 2016

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The PETALL project was awarded the European Languages Label (ELL) by the Portuguese Erasmus + Agency. Lucia Tardão prepared the paperwork and submitted it for the 2016 application. The results came out…

Master thesis of one of our researchers awarded with distinction

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Beatriz Moreno Castillo has presented her master thesis “The Wellbeing of Foreign Language Teachers: An Exploratory Study”   The aim of this study is to research the wellbeing of secondary…

Gracia Torres has presented her master thesis on Wellbeing and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

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Torres Cruz, Gracia, Wellbeing and Foreign Language Learning/Teaching: A Case Study, MA dissertation, University of Granada. Supervisor: Cristina Pérez Valverde The current research project on student‘s wellbeing when learning English as…

EFL Teachers Trainees’ Perceptions on Teacher Wellbeing

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By Manuel J. Cardoso Pulido University of Granada (Spain) Wellbeing Dissertation Summary ____________________ Manuel Cardoso Pulido is about to present his doctoral thesis. This doctoral dissertation is aimed at diagnosing the current…

La formación de docentes de lenguas extranjeras: hacia un desarrollo profesional profundo basado en la narratividad

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La doctora Cristina Pérez Valverde edita el libro “La formación de docentes de lenguas extranjeras: hacia un desarrollo profesional profundo basado en la narratividad”, publicado por Visor Libros (Madrid). (more…)

From Burnout to Wellbeing in Foreign Language Teaching: State of the Art in Theoretical and Applied Research

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By Cristina Pérez Valverde, Juan Ramón Guijarro Ojeda and Manuel Jesús Cardoso Pulido. University of Granada (Spain) INTED, 10th Annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference ___________________________ As the first step in…

"Wellbeing expresses a positive emotional state, which is the result of harmony between the sum of specific environmental factors on the one hand and the personal needs and expectations of teachers on the other"

Aelterman et al.: 2

"Language learning is a profoundly unsettling psychological experience that forces the learner to develop a ‘new identity’ and new ways of perceiving and describing the world, likely to threaten the learner self-concept and self-expression"

Guiora 1983; Horwitz et al 1986