Torres Cruz, Gracia, Wellbeing and Foreign Language Learning/Teaching: A Case Study, MA dissertation, University of Granada. Supervisor: Cristina Pérez Valverde

The current research project on student‘s wellbeing when learning English as a Foreign Language has been partly developed as a reaction against the overwhelming emphasis on the negative states that students develop because of stressful situations in the classroom.

A theoretical framework has been developed about anxiety in Foreign Language Learning research as well as about the feeling of loss of identity when learning a foreign language.

For the current investigation, a questionnaire has been created in order to examine how students in Secondary Education feel in their English as a Foreign Language lessons. The aim of this questionnaire is to figure out the reasons of student‘s anxiety and what causes their sense of loss of identity.

Students‘ wellbeing deserves attentionand it is the main variable of focus in this analysis but also, other variables related to the process of learning a foreign language are described along this research, such as the concepts of anxiety and the sense of loss of identity, previously mentioned, presented by students when learning a foreign language.

The final part of this project is dedicated to explain the questionnaire that has been used to perform the research on student‘s wellbeing, anxiety and identity. The questionnaire is composed by 24 items and it has been completed by 153 students from a High School located in Córdoba. The purpose of theresearch carried out by means of the questionnaires is to provide us with self-explanatory results about student‘s wellbeing when learning English as a Foreign Language. These results may also be useful for further analyses.