• Teaching Degree (1984)
  • BA French Philology (1992)
  • PhD French Philology (2011)

I am a lecturer in French in the Department of Language and Literature Teaching at the University of Granada. I joined the department in 1994, after working as a Primary teacher and speech-language therapist in Melilla. I have worked in quite a good number of projects related to innovation and good practices in the context of the European Space for Higher Education, as well as on previous research projects on teacher student identity and narrativity. Likewise, I research on the teaching of foreign languages in multicultural and inclusive contexts, with a special focus on students with hearing impairment. In La enseñanza de idiomas a sordos. Estudio de programas en España y Francia (XVII- XX) I offered a historical overview of the methods employed to teach language to deaf students that has been widely quoted in specialised journals and databases such as Bibliographie d’histoire de l’éducation française.

Contact information:

  • Departamento de Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura. Facultad de Educación y Humanidades de Melilla, Universidad de Granada
  • Email: anavarro@ugr.es
  • Telephone: (+34) 952698747