By Manuel J. Cardoso Pulido

University of Granada (Spain)

Wellbeing Dissertation Summary


Manuel Cardoso Pulido is about to present his doctoral thesis.

This doctoral dissertation is aimed at diagnosing the current situation of pre-service language teacher training in relation to the concept of teacher wellbeing. Specifically, our research is focussed on pre-service foreign language teacher training. Our study combines descriptive, qualitative and quantitative methodos.

Besides analysing several teacher degree curricula, we study of FL pre-service teachers’ perceptions in relation to their own professional development and training. The discussion group and the focus group were two of our main techniques. The study reveals the need to strengthen future teachers’ resilience, and brings to light some aspects having a negative impact on the trainees wellbeing and empowerment. Teacher students claim a solid training in emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences, cooperative approaches and strategies fostering professional wellbeing.


Manuel J. Cardoso Pulido